Dr. Bhavna Vaidya is Board-Certified in both Family Practice and with The Association for Anti-Aging Medicine. She founded her Family Wellness Clinic in Clayton, NC, in 2005 and has been serving a large population of Eastern North Carolina

Since opening. Before moving to North Carolina, Dr. Vaidya attended Kasturba Medical College, where she graduated with honors before completing her Family Practice residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

After becoming a well-respected Integrative Physician and having much success with our Clayton location, she decided to open the Raleigh location and to create a unique union of medical aesthetics and overall wellness to serve the Capital City and surrounding areas. Dr. Vaidya is best known for, but not limited to, her success with patients regarding Thyroid Disorders, Hormone Therapy, Weight Loss, and Sexual Health. At Regenesis MD , Dr. Vaidya utilizes top of the line lasers, master level injectable techniques, and the newest and most cutting-edge aesthetic services to serve her patients to the fullest!

She is a pioneer in her field and one of very few physicians to create this unique fusion of personalized healthcare with medical aesthetics to treat full-body wellness . In her free time, she enjoys time with her two children, reading and practicing yoga.


At Regenesis MD , we provide functional and Anti-Aging medicine services that are broader and deeper than the norm. Our approach uses cutting edge research and innovative diagnostic tools to slow the aging process by detecting, preventing, and treating illnesses associated with aging. Early detection of silent disease, reversing the burden toxins impose on our bodies, and promoting total wellness, inside and out, is our goal. It’s our observation that in America, unfortunately, there is no real sense of wellness being an inherent part of medicine.

Dr. Vaidya was left very unsatisfied with the approach to primary care that overlooked many aspects of a patients health from previous hormonal imbalances to overlooking other health issues that play a role in a person’s all around health. Dr. Vaidya believes that feeling good goes hand in hand with looking good. “I moved initially into advanced lipid testing and moved down the path of prevention and anti-aging.” She was triggered by the lack of high-quality supplements, advanced testing, and bio-identical hormone replacement theory. Dr. Vaidya believes that the most valuable service that we provide is the time we spend with our patients, offering them service to protect and improve their health through one office.

We have the time to listen more and the resources and advanced testing to look deeper into hormonal imbalance, gut dysbiosis, adrenal health, nutritional deficiencies, auto-immune illnesses, and genetic predispositions for chronic disease. Each process in the body works in synergy with other methods to maintain homeostasis. By looking at the puzzle from a holistic approach, we can put the body back into balance. Patients will leave our office feeling good as well as looking good!